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The Best Erectile Dysfunction Medication Today


Cialis soft tabs are the same as Cialis, but designed to be absorbed into the blood directly by placing them under the tongue; instead in ingesting the medication. This offers the advantage of cutting the waiting period to half. You will feel the effects of the Cialis soft tabs kicking in within 10-15 minutes instead of the regular 30-40 minutes.   


Cialis – generic name Tadalafil – is one of the three FDA approved medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Extremely efficient, fast acting and long lasting in effect, Cialis is considered by many an improvement over Viagra whose effects last for only 4 hours. Cialis soft tabs instead last for more or less 36 hours.


This means that with Cialis soft tabs 20mg – the recommended dosage -  you are free from worrying about impotence, bad performance or inability to rise to the occasion for 36 hours while with the other two FDA approved erectile dysfunction drugs you can expect the effect to last for only 4-6 hours at best.


The Greatest Advantage That Cialis Gives You


With Cialis soft tabs 20mg you will be able to enjoy tension free satisfying sex for as long as you like. There is more. For all those who do not want to carry a bottle of Cialis soft tabs 20mg in their pocket all the time, you can change to regular (daily 2.5 mg) treatment that will eliminate the need to take the Cialis soft tabs 20mg just before the sexual encounter.


What You Should Know Before Taking Cialis


It is dangerous to take Cialis soft tabs 20mg if you have a medical history of heart problems, high blood pressure, liver/ kidney problems, stomach ulcers, blood disorders among others. It is highly recommended that you consult your doctor before commencing with the Cialis soft tabs 20mg treatment.


Cialis soft tabs cause no harmful side effects if taken as prescribed. If you experience flushed face, pain in the chest/ hand/ jaw, blurred vision, hearing loss, light-headedness, irregular heartbeat and painful erection for more than 4 hours. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.



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