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If you ask anyone about Viagra you will be told immediately that this is an FDA approved drug recommended for treatment of ED (erectile dysfunction). This is a fact. These days Viagra superactive 100 mg is also introduced in the market. It has a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor that increase the blood flow into the penis during sexual stimulation and helps you to achieve and maintain an erection.


The active ingredient of Viagra super active is sildenafil citrate –a highly potent and extremely popular medication used world over by men who suffer from ED related problems. This is not a cure; but for lack thereof this is the best possible alternative.


Buy Viagra super active 100mg online


You can buy super active 100mg without prescription online. Both are good, both are effective. The super active 100mg with prescription differs from the cheap Viagra online only in price; otherwise its composition and purity are same.


Online pharmacies can sell cheap because they are not bothered about branding. They sell this drug in its generic form and hence, they can offer great discounts. Men who need this medication often would prefer to buy online for it saves plenty of money in the long run.


ED is not only a physical handicap for men. Unlike other ailments, any type of sexual dysfunction affects the self-esteem of men for their ability to perform in bed is closely associated with their “manly” or “macho” image. Hence, any malfunction in this area is enough to damage their self esteem.


What else Super Active Can Do


The main difference of viagra super active and generic Viagra of the pills is that the formula is more reliable and effective. It has a great effect on the consumer’s body that starts the blood vessels to widen in the penis and allows the blood to enter and make an erection. It dissolves quickly in the system and works faster than the other sildenafil citrate drugs.


Further research was carried on the drug once the initial excitement about the drug calmed down. It was then found that superactive 100mg is also extremely beneficial in treating depression in men. Hence, when you next buy super active online you should know that this is beneficial not only for ED but also for any blues you are experiencing. 


Gradually doctors started prescribing Viagra super active 100mg in certain cases of acute and chronic depression in men with excellent results. 

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